Friday, August 17, 2007

Massachusetts State Law: Student Insurance Farce

Massachusetts just put through a terrible law that every resident has to have health insurance. There's no poor exemption, but oh, there is a "religious exemption", but there's a complication because there's another law requiring all university students to have health insurance. So even if we get state exemption as residents, there's another law to contend with... and the school could care less - I suspect they get a kickback from all the students who sign up for their insurance company's health plan. To top it off, there is a waiver if you have health insurance from another company - but it must be a US based company. Sooo..... even though Nova Scotia will cover me here while I'm a student... it's useless as far as the government of Mass is concerned... even if it covered dental, vision.... everything... it would be deemed "insufficient coverage" and I would still have to buy into their plan... What a farce!

So... we're trying to find out if Susan can get the free state coverage ... .I'll have to pay their "tax" of $1300 for this year - if Susan can't get free coverage, we'll be out $2600.... argh! And the bugger is... this is just a basic plan here... it doesn't cover the "illness" of pregnancy, and tons of other stuff... like a basic checkup.... it's really only emergency coverage with a deductible.... What a terrible place.... and no one at the school cares! They just want to make more money and do what the government wants~

If we had known this beforehand... we wouldn't have come~

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