Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hello, Japan!

We have safely arrived in Tokyo after spending a few days further south in the city of Fukuoka. It's wonderful to be back, and this time we even get to visit a good friend from university.

We'll spend a few more days here visiting and exploring Tokyo - tomorrow we have a date to visit the fish market! - and then we'll be flying home. Amazingly, our flight leaves from Tokyo at 2:30pm on Thursday and, after changing planes in Detroit, we arrive in New York city at....... 2:30pm on Thursday!

I expect we'll post a few more pictures of and comments on both Korea and Japan to wrap things up shortly after arriving home.

Thank you, to those of you who have prayed for us and sent us words of encouragement this past year. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, how are you doing?
Can you believe I graduated last year? I finally found a church to call home. I am getting ordained on June 10th at my home church, St. Andrew's Scarborough.
I am visiting Steve and Amy in Montreal for the 2007 graduate class.Giancarlo did very well, receiving the highest award from the college.

I'll give you my e-mail address, but know that it will change when Diana and I move to Harriston Ontario in July, that is if we have to use another server. But I do have a Hot mail address as well.I get that to you later.
Present e-mail is
Miss you guys. Talk later.

blessings and prayers,


jude said...

Hi Gord,
Is it true? Are you going to Gordon Conwell Seminary?
You didn't by chance see my brother in Korea, did you... same last name. He just got back there a few months ago.

Hope all is well. Wish you the best on your return to N.A.