Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ho hum....

Let's see, last night as I was preparing to head out for my Japanese class, I saw a fire in the parking lot. Some high school students had decided that setting a cardboard box on fire with lighter fluid was a fun thing to try, so they did.... and had my voice ringing in their ears as the ran out of sight. Oh, and yesterday my mouse pad was taken off my desk. I suppose it was a student, as it was a cute design that kids might like. Ho hum... I'm now using a piece of folded newspaper as a mouse pad. It works just as well.

In teaching children so much patience is needed. It's so very difficult when they are burning boxes, stealing your things and not listening during class time. It's so very difficult. They are cute and innocent, yet they are so very violent. I tell them I don't put up with any violence in the classroom, but many students are constantly hitting each other. It is so completely habitual and ubiquitous.

I pray that something of the peace of our Lord shows through me to the children.

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