Friday, December 15, 2006

Over a month

It has been well over a month since either Susan or I have posted here - and no one has email, called or written to ask why. Not one person.

We're counting the days until we leave Korea. I suspect if I write anything more about it will all be negative.

This is a very polluted country full of many ignorant people. I suppose that could be true of many places now in the world. Perhaps we shouldn't have any children? What kind of horrible place would we be introducing them to...?

The amount of plastic, garbage, noise, concrete, asphalt, etc. is alarming. This world was created by God for our enjoyment as stewards - we are not supposed to be destroying it. And yet for most people, destroying this planet seems to be their #1 goal.

I have ridden my bicycle to school almost every day since I bought it. And the same for Susan. Cars pollute. Cars are weapons. They produce noise, too. And those are just my complaints against the cars themselves, what about the manufactuing process that goes into cars and all of their parts? And then there's the social implications... everything is too fast, no one is friendly anymore and people don't know their own neighbourhoods as well as places far away.

Argh.... Such saddness I feel for the people of this world - those who don't know what they are doing... and to whom they are doing it to... BBC had an excellent report the other day: 9 out of 10 seabirds have plastic in their guts - and they are dying from it... here's the link:

We're planning to leave Korea - I don't know what I would do if I was Korean and this was my home. It would be terrible for me. I would likely die.

I've been here for 10 years, speak the language fluently, and yet I have more questions about the society now than I did when I arrived. I have lived in over ten places in this country, travelled through most of it, and love much about the people. But their day of reckoning will come - as it will for all the world.

God did not give us brains to destroy each other. But that is what is happening... For the sake of Susan's life... her everyday safety as well and her overall health... For the sake of my own life... my everyday safety as well as my overall health...

We are leaving.

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