Thursday, May 25, 2006

팥빙수 (Pat-Bing-Soo)

Late yesterday afternoon we got back from a field trip with the 4th grade class at the school. We went to the south-west coast of the country and visited several places - in a hurry. We hardly had time to see what was before our eyes, let alone take it in and learn. But press on we did. At any rate, we were exposed to the way a Korean school does a field trip. It felt somewhat like how some people... those who say they "did Europe"... visit 13 countries in 5 days.

So early this morning we left on the train for Seoul. We spent the afternoon looking around a small palace and then spent a few hours in a Christian bookstore. Then we tried to find a place for supper - and eventually did after finding everything too expensive. (Yeosu has its good points!) Then for dessert Susan got to have one of her new favourite things: red beans, fruit and ice: it's called pat-bing-soo, and that's what the photo is. It's much nicer than ice cream for a healthy snack in the hot weather. Susan says it's "extremely cold, refreshing and not too sweet."

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