Monday, May 22, 2006

The Garden

In spite of the soil looking like it substantially lacks nutrients, the plants in the garden seem to be doing alright. We have lots of squash (baby blue Hubbard and Waltham), zucchini, peas, watermelon, peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce and corn. Wow, I guess I only now just realized what variety we have.

We're thankful for those who sent us seeds! We may have some to share when we head back home. The minister at our church has a pumpkin that is just sitting in their living room - it was picked 2 years ago, and they're still not sure when it will get eaten! It looks to be in good shape, too. Impressive. In Korean it's called "old pumpkin." I'm holding out for some seeds.

I've planted some of the squash in a sort of compost pile that we started and kept going until the neighbour complained that it would smell. When I pointed out that it didn't smell, she said it would attract flies... I couldn't argue with her on that, so I agreed to stop feeding the pile. Well, the squash are okay with that - there's plenty of good growing material in there for them. As for our kitchen waste, there are two bins in our block which are for compost collection. I'm not sure if it goes to pig feed or composting...

Anyway, we've had excellent growing weather so far: rain, days of sunshine, rain, days of sunshine, and so on. It rained again today, and tomorrow is supposed to be rain again, but the day after is supposed to be sunny and warm again. I figure we should be eating lettuce starting in about two weeks. And there will be a steady supply for the whole growing season. We give thanks to God for our small, yet hopeful, plot of land, and look forward to sharing what we are blessed with.

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