Saturday, May 27, 2006

Apple Pie at KAC

On Friday we spent almost the whole day at the Korean Anabaptist Centre. It was good to meet Koreans who believe in actualizing the peace that Christ intended. And it was important to hear that their desire for Christ's peace comes from a desire to be Christ's disciple. We shared about the struggles of being non-violent in a country that is still technically at war and we learned of a movement that seeks to help conscientious objectors. The office is small, but they have a large library which is about a third of the office space. I was given several books that have been translated into Korean and I purchased several books they had for sale.

The highlight of the day was when Susan saw the oven in the lounge and the director of the centre asked her if she could bake. Well to make a long conversation and many events short, everyone ended up with a delicious apple pie courtesy of my lovely wife! Mmmm.... 14 People shared in an 8 inch pie! It was amazing, though, because it was 6 inches tall! Way to go Susan!

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