Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What a trip!

...and it's finally over. My, we were on the road for a long time!

To make the long story very short:

1. We left Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary without finishing (It wasn't a good place to be)
2. We bought a car (gasp!)
3. We got in the car and drove and drove and drove and drove, stopped for a while, then drove and drove and drove, and finally stopped again.

To elaborate a wee on No.3... We drove from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia, then to New York, then down the eastern seaboard to Florida, across the bottom of the U.S. to California, and then up the west coast to British Columbia, where Gordon worked on a farm, and Susan then went to Florida to work in a maternity home for teenagers. Well, a few months later, Gordon got on a bus, then his bike, then a train, then his bike, then a kind man's car, then the bus, then the train, and finally we met up again in Florida, and got in the car again... basically heading west via Tennessee. Again California, then up to Oregon for Susan where she now works as a nanny, and to British Columbia for Gordon where he again is working on a farm.

Oh, my, that is the condensed version of the past year. With so many miles that car is showing signs of wear... It was good to see most of North America - we sure learned a lot about what it looks like - and what people are like.

So, back in the land of blog we are. Peace~

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