Monday, February 26, 2007

Sometimes, this is a great country....

After talking about it for a long time, we decided that I should get a pair of prescription sunglasses. Today I went to the glasses shop to do it, two days before we're planning on leaving! At home, of course, that would be impossible, or at least outrageously expensive. Not here.

I walked in at 6:00 this evening and asked for a vision test to make sure the prescription hadn't changed - it's free here. In Canada I paid $40. Same in the US, except my parents always paid for it (thanks Mom and Dad). With a little help from our new electronic dictionary, I was able to convey what I needed and the salesperson was able to ask me the necessary questions. I spent a few minutes trying on frames (the hardest part was convincing him I really didn't want the over-sized rectangular neon blue ones), then selected the lenses I wanted. He told me it would take three or four days, and I explained that I was leaving for the United States in two days. He went to check with someone, came back, and informed me I could pick them up at 5:00pm tomorrow. Not bad, eh?

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