Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Good News

Hello again friends... as Gordon has often reminded me, I have not posted in a great long while. Fortunately he has done more than his share of keeping the world updated on our goings-on! Unlike myself, he has had quite a few days of vacation to end the year with - a benefit of working at a school rather than an institute. Somehow, when he is home all day, I seem to get less done than ever!

(Note..... I drafted the above exactly one week ago, and in the middle Gordon came home from wherever he had been and needed attention. Now, one week later, I am finishing!)

This week I received wonderful news via my parents: I have also been accepted at Gordon-Conwell for the same degree program as Gordon, a Master of Arts in Biblical Languages. While Gordon has been spending his free time lately reviewing Greek, I'm still working on Korean, so I'll have plenty of work to do when we arrive home re-learning the Hebrew and Greek I once upon a time knew.

It is a joy to study the word of God, and we are both truly looking forward to studying at a Christian school, rather than a secular institution. When I began my undergraduate study I had not intended to major in religious studies; I chose Biblical Hebrew and Greek electives my first semester just for fun - the options for a first-year student admitted in July. I guess there were a few other options... (Fortunately I ended up dropping Greek and signing up for the summer session the following year, where I met my lifelong study partner.) It was a learning and growing experience then, and I pray that continuing our studies in a setting where we will be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ will continue to stretch and mold us into better servants of the Lord.

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