Saturday, February 10, 2007

More on Grocery Stores

These are exceptional, as we can get these things much more cheaply, but these are the prices on the normal packages of these products in a grocery store near us called Lotte Mart.

These dozen green beans cost about $2.90 USD ($3.44 CAD).

$1.59 USD ($1.88 CAD) is the price for these alfalfa sprouts. That should do what, two sandwiches? (If you're being stingy, adds Susan.)

$2.33 USD ($2.73 CAD) will get you three radishes ~ are they made of solid gold?

This might need some explanation... It's not really about the price of things. This display is of beer and other such alcohols. What Susan is wondering is which one of the alcohols comes from the cows on the top of the display... There is actually yoghurt on the other side of this refrigerated kiosk. (Susan has questioned my use of the word kiosk here, so let me guide you to this website which will give you the Canadian definition.)


Julie <> said...

Wait - how do *you* define Kiosk, Susan?

Happy (belated) Birthday, Susan-dear!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Julie, :-)

Kiosk: I would define it as an island say on the sidewalk or inside a mall where merchandise is sold directly, as opposed to a display that is within a store, or where information is dispersed.