Friday, February 09, 2007

Market Shopping

Susan will have tons more to say about this than I, but I had this photo from last summer that we took at one of the markets here in Yeosu and I though it would be good to put it up. I'm sure we'll take more photos before we leave.

Shopping in the market is so much cheaper and fresher than in the supermarket - there are significant bacterial and chemical problems with putting food into plastic, and that's beside the environmental impact. When we go to the market we can come home with no plastic bags - no plastic at all in most cases; but a trip to the grocery store - not so: absolutely everything comes wrapped in plastic.

Oh... funny thing we saw at a grocery store last week: the display bin of croissants was running out, so the lady took a bag of prepackaged ones, opened it up and dumped it out into the display bin - where they were then repackaged for customers (seemingly more fresh, perhaps?).

Anyway, I look forward to reading Susan's final musings on shopping here.

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