Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Peaceful 2007

New Year's Greetings to everyone!

We wish you a helpful reflection on 2006 and a peaceful hope for 2007.

It was a major life decision for Susan and I to come to Korea in 2006. We were at a crossroads and had my school loan to pay off and the complicated reality of having different citizenships - so we chose to come to a third country. It is a place where I have worked, studied and lived for almost ten years. It is now a place that we have decided to leave.

In the midst of eating tons (tonnes?) of received Christmas chocolate, buckets of tea and coffee, listening to and discerning the voice of the Spirit, we feel it is time to head back to North America. We're still waiting on word from the first seminary I've applied to, and we should learn of acceptance or not within the month of January.

So, since we've got plans to head back and only limited luggage space, we're hoping that those who have generous hearts in terms of mailing things to us here will be satisfied holding on to things until we are back. Susan tells me that emergency shipments of chocolate are still okay, though.

We are encouraged to think of the possibilities that 2007 brings and look forward to sharing the year with all our friends and family. Be well and trust in the Lord!

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