Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brain Power

My brain power is severely lacking at times. Severely. It scares me.

Anyway, I sent a package of irreplaceable items through the mail to the following address:

Susan Welch
c/o George Cameron

The what sort of brain lapse this was I know not. The girl at the post office must not have looked too closely, either, eh. The one saving grace is that I did put the correct phone number on the mailing label. I did try to correct the situation and there was a fax put in and I was assured that the full address would try to be added to the package - where ever it is... So I hope that happens. If not... The return address is on the package so it will come back to the school here.

Argh... Have a nice day, everyone... if you can remember - which I'm sure we all can - except for me.

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