Sunday, July 09, 2006


I awoke early this morning as a gust of wind came through the window and the bedroom door slammed shut. By the time I had run around closing all the windows I was thoroughly awake - which was just as well, as I had some final editing to do on a paper due this morning.

Although I've seen pretty impressive storms in upstate New York and on the coast of Maine, growing up, I've never seen anything like this. I wish we'd taken a "before" picture of the garden but we'll put one up when it's over... everything has been completely flattened, from the staked tomatoes to the 5- foot corn to the lettuce. Hopefully they will recover? Right now I'm sitting at the desk watching the waves of water slam into the windows, feeling grateful that nearest tree is only a medium sized magnolia - and dreading having to go outside to get to school. I plan to take a taxi, but am not convinced that I will arrive at school any dryer than had I biked!

Now if only the landlord cared that the windows leak...

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