Friday, July 07, 2006

Green Tea Bamboo Rice 인사동 녹차대나무밥

식당 이름: 오우가

대표 식사: 녹차대나무밥

위치: 인사동 2/3 지나 우측에 있는 수도약국 우측골목, 인사갤러리 지나 우측 골목 우측에 있다.

The above is the information for a wonderful restaurant Susan and I found in Seoul last time we were there. The main dish is green tea bamboo rice. It's such a simple, lovely dish, but extremely rare. They also have good beef kalbi.

Here's the info:
Restaurant name: Oh-oo-ga (오우가)
Location: Insa-dong. About 2/3 of the way up the insa-dong street there's a pharmacy on the right hand side called soo-do (수도약국). Turn right on the street to the right of the pharmacy. Go down the street past insa gallery (인사갤러리) on the right. Then take the alley just past the gallery on the right. The restaurant is just a few metres down the alley on the right. There are two entrances to two separate houses which make up the restaurant. So if the server pushes you out the door into the alley, go a few metres to the other door.

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