Friday, May 12, 2006

A photo!

Greetings. It has been a while since I have posted. Susan has been faithfully posting, though. I finished my online course at Eastern Mennonite Seminary (having enjoyed it muchly) and now I'm taking a break for the summer while I brush up on my Greek. Susan is taking the summer course in Old Testament. I look forward to seeing what's being offered in September and I'll be looking closely at EMS and AMBS.

I figured out how to get a photo up, so here is a month-old photo of the two of us, taken on Dolsan Island. We went there with the Principal of Yeodo and the class presidents of all grades. We climbed a mountain and saw neat old wall that used to be a lookout point during times of war with Japan. Later that day we planted trees. Korea has an arbour day, too.

The garden is all in, except for the radishes which just arrived two days ago from Papa. Thanks! I was worried about the tomatoes, but they might be alright. I'll post next week with a full garden update.

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