Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Tired Travel Day

Today was Sunday. We went to church early at Yeochon First Presbyterian Church (여천제일교회) and then met up with two American English teachers from an institute, along with their owner and went out of Yeosu to the city north of here, called Sooncheon, and a folk village called NakAn EupSeong (낙안읍성). It was a lovely day. The weather was like the fall. It was cool, but bright and sunny. It rained yesterday, so that may account for the clear sky.

We enjoyed seeing the traditional architecture of the southern part of the country and saw lots of interesting fowl they have, along with lots of rabbits.

After the folk village we ended up at Boseong (보성) to look at some green tea fields which are terraced on rather steep hills. It was nice, but by that time we were all tired and sleepy. We found our way back to Yeosu and parted. A long day, but a lovely experience.

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