Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I've been here ten days now, and am starting to feel settled. Most of my energy the first week went to procuring certain essentials (toilet paper, food, eating utensils...) and learning my numbers in Korean. This is essential to shopping at the market, which is much preferable to the grocery store: fresher produce, tofu, fish, and no styrofoam trays! (The latter was incentive enough for me.) This week I'll learn how to ask for things more precisely and, I hope, more politely. :)

Of the many new foods I have tried, one of my favorites so far is 떡 (dak), a mildly sweet confection usually based on glutinous rice, mashed to a smooth, springy consistency. To this may be added natural colourings, like mugwort (green) and various bits of fruits and other things - jujube, chestnut, red beans... I 'm not always sure what I'm eating, but it's always delicious! We tried one based on barley recently that was very good. The woman who sold it to us gave us six more kinds to try, and told us there are 150 different kinds of 떡. Gordon is hoping I'll learn how to make some of the different kinds while we are here (so am I!), and perhaps succeed in getting a tofu apprenticeship too. So far I'm dividing my attention at the market, to see who makes what best - and who seems friendliest, and might be willing to give me a few lessons. All of the vendors have been very patient and helpful as I have very few words so far.

We're not yet decided on a church home for our time here. We visited one last Sunday that is hoping to start an English ministry, which we may become involved in - Gordon would have a chance to preach, and I to play the piano! - but we may visit a few more before deciding.

It has surprised me a bit how quickly I am beginning to feel comfortable here. Having my best friend by my side makes it so much easier to start over in a new place... I give thanks to the Lord for having brought us together, having brought us here, and guiding our way into the future.

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