Friday, May 27, 2011

A new addition to our family!

This past Saturday, our main sow, Clover, had her first litter. 10 piglets, 9 of which are flawless, and one which got injured somehow before we got there, so we took it home for a few nights... it's now back with mama and doing fine, although it has a club foot, so it'll never be normal.

Piggy Pooh at the infirmary

Clover decided to give birth under a large Douglas Fir just out in the field... since the pigs don't really have any other shelter at the moment other than the trees. But those trees are so massive that they provide excellent rain protection and all is well with all the piggies. Here's a photo from the day of with mother and babies doing well about 6 hours after birth:
Clover my Tamworth sow

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