Monday, February 21, 2011

How we eat breakfast

our own pastured Tamworth cured pork belly (bacon)
A few posts ago I mentioned that our diet is about 40-50 percent fat. Breakfast accounts for much of that. First, we start with fatty lard and grease the pan well, then we add fatty home-cured bacon from our own pig. Then we add more lard and add a pancake, some hash browns and some eggs... lots of fat... FAT IS HEALTHY!
... of course the other things in the food we eat are healthy too, but I'd say breakfast provides about 3 tablespoons of lard for each of us adults (less for Daisy, obviously).

The pancakes are sourdough, of course, and we grind our own flour, which is really not that difficult. And they taste fantastic, too.
our own pastured eggs - raw yolks

crispy hash browns fried in lots of lard
Then, of course there's the matter of what beverage to have at breakfast... we don't have any pasture for cows yet, so raw milk is a precious thing in our home. So we usually turn to the diner standby: coffee. Not so very good for us, to be true. Susan's been buying decaffeinated lately, and that's much better. We've also been experimenting with roasted barley and chocolate malt together as a substitute - and it's pretty close in my opinion. Susan doesn't think so; nonetheless, it's a healthy option that we both like. There really isn't anything like coffee, though...........
sourdough pancake with flour we grind ourselves

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