Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Kidney Stone

Since my last post on kidney stones, I was hospitalized for a stone blocking my ureter. This is because the stone was trying to get out.... my body was cleansing itself - this was evidenced by the fact that I had passed a stone recently; however, there was a stone left in the kidney - a rather large one! This stone was a bit too large to fit down the tube: it was between 8mm and 1cm. The hospital kept me alive, but did not remove the stone. I credit the herbs and an intense regimen of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with having dissolved the stone. At a checkup a few months later there was no sign of a stone on the x-ray, according to the radiologist. I peed out a whole lot of calcium. I had been collecting my urine each time and the container was encrusted with a calcium deposit - and that was my stone!

I've had a wee bit of pain in the past year, and I'm now submitting to the care of naturopathic medicine to try to further cleanse the kidney, and further refine my diet. The plan is that after the kidney has been stabilized, I will switch to Chinese medicine to try to support the rejuvenation of the kidney so as to regain full function. If I can stay away from coffee things should go well. Right now I'm taking non-diuretic kidney supporting herbal teas. In listening to my body, I can feel the ups and downs throughout the day of the functioning of the kidney. It tells me how it likes each and every part of my day... and I intend to give it what it wants.

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