Friday, June 12, 2009

Kidney Stone Natural Cure

Doctors of modern Western medicine perhaps mean well, but there is much that we have forgotten from our Western traditions, and much to be learned from others.

I have had kidney stones since at least 1996, with my first hospitalization for them coming a few years later.I have had every kind of medical procedure for kidney stone removal that I am aware of: the basket they shove through your penis, through the bladder and up the ureter; lithotripsy; and invasive surgery. I have missed months of work waiting for hospital treatments over the years, and spent thousands of dollars on treatment. And yet every few years my stones reminded me that they were there, always lurking, ready and waiting to cause pain when they moved and potentially blocking the ureter, killing my kidney. The first time my ureter was blocked, I was the recipient of a stent - and I've never been the same since.

About a month ago I had another attack. I passed a stone on Saturday morning when I awoke, was quite excited and thus went about my day gleefully, but that night I became tired quickly and then the pain started. I couldn't move all Sunday. I did go to work on Monday, but wasn't fully productive and tired quickly. Tuesday I called in sick, staying in bed all day, rolling around in pain. Mostly I find the fetal position helps, but really, no position is good for any length of time.

I was determined not to go to the hospital, because I knew how long that process took, and what they could do for me in the interim: strong painkillers - no thanks! So then I was blessed with a thought... why not try herbs? So I got online and looked up what was good for kidney stones and drove to my local natural food store, The Pantry, in Mission, BC. I really shouldn't have been behind the wheel as I was preoccupied with the pain and probably swerving a bit. But I put my mind to it and reached the store. I could hardly stand and they had me sit. I asked for what I thought would be good and they got it for me. Then the owner of the store saw me and asked what was wrong; she recommended a couple of other things, and then I was on my way home. I hadn't eaten since Saturday afternoon, so having a bit of fruit juice really helped give me energy for the drive home.

So when I reached home the first thing I did was make a magnesium tea. I was shaking with the pain, but within just a few seconds of taking the tea, I was considerably calmed. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. It was almost like I had received a shot of morphine, but I wasn't cognitively impaired.

These are the other things which I purchased that I then made tea out of:

Celery seed - balances acid/alkaline; lowers uric acid; antiseptic; diuretic
Gravel root - expels gravel (stones) from kidney
Marshmallow - softens things up
Uva Ursi (Bearberry, & many other names) - powerful urinary antiseptic, diuretic; painkiller
Corn silk - relaxes ureter, prostate and bladder
Horsetail - excellent at expelling stones (not to be used if kidney is inflamed)
Chanca Piedra - from South America, meaning "stone breaker"

These things work... if you want to deal with your kidney stones... spend only a little money, or collect some of these yourself, and cure yourself with God's pharmacy!

I haven't passed a stone since starting on these; the stones are dissolving...

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