Saturday, March 21, 2009

Raw Milk is Available in the Fraser Valley (Sumas)

: I no longer do this - I milk my own cows now. 
(And I'm not on Facebook anymore) This post is from when I lived in BC. I can no longer recommend  milk in plastic jugs as it taints the milk. And not all raw milk is created equally - beware: many raw milk dairies feed grain to their cows or think that grass is enough for a cow - grain is poison and grassfed is not sufficient for the health of a cow!

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Okay, I've been preparing a longer post about the raw milk situation in British Columbia, but it requires more research and time. So for now, let me at least put this out there for anyone who just wants to get real milk: it is legal to sell in Washington state stores. Today I purchased 4 gallons of raw milk @ 4.79 (USD) for each 1/2 gallon at the IGA grocery store just across the line from Abbotsford. It's in Sumas just a few hundred metres from the border on the right-hand side. They also have unpasturized beer, btw (Stone, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium).

The milk is from Jackie's Jersey Milk.

If you live in the valley and can't cross the border and want some... find me on Facebook~

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Anonymous said...

if you are bringing back REAL MILK to British Columbia, please contact me. I'd like to buy some from you, on a regular basis, if possible
Gordon S Watson
604 526 5064