Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunam Temple & Suprise Food

Monday of this week was the third day of the lunar new year holiday here in Korea, so we finally got ourselves out of Yeosu.

We went North (the only direction possible on land) to Suncheon and Sunam temple. The first thing we did was find a place to eat and did we eat! This picture shows Susan before lunch.

This photo shows how happy food can make a person. When all these side dishes arrived on the table we were thrilled. Susan exclaimed that it was the most side dishes we've had yet. We imagined that the hole in the middle of the table was for the soup pot and that we'd also get rice.

But oh my, how many side dishes were yet to arrive! Susan got immediately busy counting. How many can you find? We very much enjoyed our meal and couldn't finish all the food before us. It was all a bit salty, as is the tendency down here in the Southern part of the country. We got ourselves out onto the trail and enjoyed a lovely walk up to the temple.

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