Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Much Whipped Cream!

Usually every weekend one of us is sick. Fortunately, it usually works out that only one of us is sick each weekend, so we each have opportunity to care for the other. I must say that Susan does a marvelous job!

Thanks to our Nova Scotia parents' gift of a bag of pecans, Susan ventured, yet again, into the as-yet-underdeveloped-world of cast iron fry pan baking and whipped up a pecan pie that was gorgeous. And it cooked in less time that it requires in an oven! I hear that she's close to starting a cooking blog specializing in cast iron frying pan cooking, so stay tuned.

It was hard to top off that pie, but we really topped it off. As you can see from the picture... perhaps this will leave a few drooling, no? Susan suggested that most nutritionists would have a heart attack if they saw the way we eat. I suppose so, but then, we get lots of exercise and don't really eat that much normally... I mean, I do feel much better now, so it must be a kind of medicine, right?


Susan said...

I quote my mother:

"Some day in the future when a wee Welch/Cameron child wants more whipped cream and Mom/Dad say "no, that's enough, it's not good for you..." grandparents will remember and still have the evidence :-)"

I assured her my response would be simple:

"All right sweetie, go ahead... but you have to whip it the same way we did that day. By hand!"

Anna said...

If Susan starts a cast iron frying pan baking blog, I'll read it, even though the one time I tried to bake in our cast iron frying pan, it tasted like onions!

Also, beware... if you tell children to whip cream by hand, they may skip the whipping and just drink the stuff!

Gord said...

I hope she starts that blog, soon, Anna - I think she has soo much to share with the world. There really are lots of people who don't have ovens. I was so amazed by that pie. It was better than any pecan pie I've ever had out of an oven - that crust!

As for kids drinking cream... have you ever drunk heavy cream? It doesn't take much to go yuck! Besides, for kids, there is the amazement of the moment the liquid changes to solid - at the same temperature!