Friday, January 26, 2007


Having lived in Korea for most of the past ten years, I have some memories. One of the really nice ones was the three months I spent learning to build log buildings. I never thought that I, a Canadian, would be learning how to use a chainsaw and building log homes here in Korea - but I did. In the Spring of 2003 I spent three months at this school, one of several such here.

One of the projects we did was to put up this structure. It's not really a gazebo, but it is a very useful structure. My class didn't actually build the thing, but we put it up. It sits along the riverside in the city of Jinju where old men sit all day long chatting and playing games. This photo was taken in the fall one day when Susan and I went to Jinju for a day trip. The men were so intent on their discussion that I didn't want to make a scene by taking a photo, so this isn't the best shot, but you can see the typical Korean roof - those things weigh a ton - literally. They never loose their shingles - even in typhoons!

We also worked on a house, but didn't finish it - that was for the next class. I don't think I'll ever build a log home, but you never know, eh - and the skills I learned should serve me a lifetime. These days I'm interested in learning to build using cordwood or straw bales. I'm leaning towards the latter for both cost and longevity. Mother Earth News has been great for exposure to these construction methods. Just for curiosity, I checked out their book section, and they have dozens on straw bale building. I couldn't believe it. Perhaps someday... It's Greek for now, though.

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