Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bicycle Parking in Fukuoka

Riding my bicycle to work and home everyday sure keeps me in shape. I put on at least 10 km every day. It's tough climbing some of the hills, but in the end, it's worth it for my health. (I'd rather be farming to keep in shape, though.)

I remember our trip to Fukuoka, Japan, this past September. It sure was a sort of bicycle paradise. Here's a photo of one example of bicycle parking in Fukuoka. There are parking lots for bicycles all over downtown. Most of them seem to be for a fee. But things are totally different in Korea. At school here in Yeosu, I have to park way at the back of the parking lot off the edge on the gutter cover so my bike doesn't get damaged. And half the time I have to get off my bike at some point or another during a ride to get out of the way of some car that has parked on the sidewalk/bike path.

Oh, and today I almost got run over only twice. It was a slow day.

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