Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trip to Keum-oh Island (금오도)

This first photo is of a squid catching ship which left harbour in Yeosu just at the same time we did on the ferry to Keum-o Island last week. We had a wonderful time, leaving on Saturday and returning the following day. The island is a part of Yeosu, as are hundreds of other islands. Keum-o Island is one of the larger ones. It took about an hour to travel on the ferry, but the time went by quickly.

This is me on the ferry still in the harbour. The weave on my clothes is the most comfortable in hot weather. All the people who wear tank tops and shorts are suffering for no reason. Long pants and long sleeved shirts are the way to go... and the hat helps muchly. I was the least hot in our group of four and I had no sunburns the entire trip! Yeah for the wisdom of the ancestors! I can't help but think that many deaths could be prevented and a lot of needless air conditioning would be saved if people relyed on traditional clothing styles rather than the latest fashion. Besides most traditional clothing in the world is not flashy and showy, drawing attention to one's clothes rather than one's actions and true heart. Thus this type of clothing is totally in line with our desire to live in simlicity and humility.

This is a shot of Yeosu harbour as we were leaving. The ferry carried about twenty cars and about a hundred people. It stopped at two other islands before we landed on Keum-o, and it had at least one more stop after we disembarked. The ferry had some heavy duty diesel engines and every so often there would be a huge black ploom out the back. In this shot you can see one of two air intakes. The ocean is very flat in Yeosu, because there are so many islands presumably.

At the end of our first day on the island we enjoyed a swim in the ocean. ooooooooooo how wonderful it was. Certainly warmer than the waters off the north shore of Nova Scotia! We stayed until sunset and got some good photos of swimmers in the sunset. It was good to get away from the traffic... I'll post later with photos and stories from the second day, which was decidedly more eventful.

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