Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter everyone!

We celebrated our Lord's resurrection with our church here in Yeosu, where we were gifted with hard boiled eggs, ceramic eggs that apparently have flower seeds in them (we'll let you know in ten days) and side dishes from Samonim (the minister's wife). Following the service, there is always lunch together, but this week was different for me: I sat with my new friend instead of Gordon! (Generally, the men and women sit at different tables.) After lunch SoungJa and I along with the minister's daughter and two of her friends went up to the minister's home (just above the church) and got better acquainted. It seems that SoungJa's friendship was necessary in order to reassure the younger girls that I was, in fact, human! They were very shy the first time we came.

Although I rejoice in new friends and fellowship, I confess I was a bit sad this Easter.... being the first one I spent somewhere where I was unable to worship with others in a language I understand. I terribly miss singing hymns at church. Although many of the melodies are the same, I simply can't read Korean fast enough to sing along - and if I could, I would have no idea what I was saying! So far the only words I recognize at church are "Jesus" and "Amen." So, I keep studying!

We had a shock on the way home from church: along a four-lane road, blocking one two entire lanes and extending for a couple hundred meters, were people marching in protest, carrying signs, singing, etc. I asked Gordon what on earth was going on, and he said..... "Oh, they're from the church we don't go to anymore. Protesting the Unification Church." Easter Sunday. They spent the afternoon protesting. We're so glad we're not involved in that church!

Shortly after we started meeting people from the church, someone mentioned how upset they were that the Unification Church (aka Moonies) were planning on coming to Yeosu. "We have to stop them from coming," they said. Gordon replied "but as Christians, we must show them love first...." It was not well received. We do not agree with them, but what an opportunity to share God's love with them, if they are nearby! Ah well...

We celebrated Easter with butterscotch pudding and a chocolate Easter bunny (thank you Mom!). We eat a lot of puddings here, since without an oven, it's one of the few desserts I can easily make, and we enjoy them. Also, we can get the ingredients easily - unlike, say, brownies, although I must say my brownies in a frying pan are delicious! Hopefully we can find a source of unsweetened chocolate here... maybe in Seoul.

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