Monday, February 27, 2006

Greetings from Yeosu, South Korea!

I arrived safely yesterday around noon. The trip went fine and folks from the school where I'll be teaching were at the airport to meet me.

I met the principal of the school, as is normally the first thing to do here. He and several of the teachers asked me what I'd like for lunch and I asked for pufferfish (swellfish) soup. Mmmmm.... One of my favorites. Then we went to the apartment and saw what was yet to be done to make it ready and then I went shopping with one of the teachers until the evening.

Yesterday evening I sort of fell into bed and drifted off... only to wake at 5 this morning. I finished unpacking and headed out to find a church. I ended up at YoungGwang Presbyterian Church and was treated like some sort of dignitary. I don't know if that'll be our church home while we're here, there are so many churches around. It's a decision Susan and I will have to make together.

It's good to be back in Korea... the food is familiar, the language, the people, the way of life - it's all familiar; like an old friend.

The trip took a lot out of me, so again... I think I'll take a nap.

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